Ways to Improve Sexual Stamina Naturally

Thanks, that you just clicked the link without feeling shy because we all need to know this, we all want to talk about this but often deny, but I can surely write about it as I have taken the charge of your health & lifestyle.

We are human and we need both physical & mental happiness to lead a peaceful life. We cannot just run out of this topic as it sounds little weird but it can bring you pain if you are not aware of it. It’s better to read this it may help you at some point in time or knowing facts is never worthless.

sexual stamina

Sexual stamina or strength has different perspectives in different minds. It is usually described as the length of the time that it takes a man to reach orgasm and satisfy your partner. It can also be referred to as physical fitness or the amount of time you spend having sex before you get tired.

Studies tell the average time taken for ejaculation to occur during intercourse is 5 and a half minutes, but it may differ as we all are different. Many prefer to take their time and while others prefer when it’s fast.

Here are some important things which you can definitely try to improve your stamina while you are at your move.

Proper Rest and healthy diet

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Eating right will be always the basics for everything you want to be good at. A proper and clean diet can help you improve your cardiovascular health, which improves your stamina.

Eat fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, dairy items, protein-rich foods, eat less saturated fat and sugar, lower your packed food habits, include nuts, wholegrain products.

These practices will keep you energetic and active day long.

Proper rest is also a great factor that affects our life. We all have a 24hours slot in our life but be smart enough to use it right and God has prepared this pattern of life where everything is possible within this time frame only. From now stop giving excuses to yourself for not getting time to rest. Your body always needs ample rest to perform each activity efficiently.

Regular Exercise

According to recent studies, it was found that regular exercise can protect you against many sexual problems and improve erectile function.

It is not that you need to start the gym today, but walking, running, cycling, dancing, playing sports are also forms of exercise. You can include all physical activities, which are eventually getting erased in our new patterns of living.

It will be great if you are adding some strength training every week, such as Yoga, Weightlifting, Pilates to keep your muscles healthy and firm.

Pelvic Floor exercises

pelvic floor exercise

Pelvic floor exercises help you to strengthen the muscles that surround your bladder, bottom, vagina, or penis. Researchers state that pelvic floor exercises can improve sexual function and give you more satisfying sex. It is also helpful for both men and women who have problems with urine leakage or bowel control.


Masturbation helps to improve sexual stamina by building up your endurance and keeping you last longer in bed. Leading to enjoyable sex, many women found that masturbation helps them work out how to bring themselves to orgasm. This can also help you in controlling your premature ejaculation.

Reading, watching, or listening to some erotica can be an addon for your enjoyable time.

Do not rely on herbal supplements or extracts which guarantee you providing sexual stamina as they may have side effects or may be dangerous in the long run. Always try on safe and healthy methods to improve your sexual stamina, and if needed do consult your doctor if anything doesn’t work or your symptoms persist.

Quoted by Riya, In Love for Life.