Coronavirus a blessing to our mother earth and a lesson to us.

We know that the whole world is suffering today and fighting against this alien disease. We cannot thank enough for our doctors, nurses who are treating the sufferers day and night selflessly. The police officials, ministers, government workers are running to take care of the citizen in preventing the infection and taking all harsh steps to accomplish the duties. Scientists and pharma experts putting all effort to get up with the possible medicines and vaccines to improve healths and defeat the germs to spread. This pandemic has had a negative impact on businesses across the world. Media persons are hailing all over to get the latest updates, providing awareness and empowering people at their houses in winning this battle.

Have we ever realized that in this pandemic situation, where we are not allowed to go out of our houses, factories are forced to close down, transportations are stopped and many things which we used to do in our daily lives are been placed with a period have created a huge difference to our Mother Nature? Nature is enjoying the most now without human intervention. Nature experts in Lebanon have noticed cleaner and clearer air filled with migratory birds as Beirut remains under lockdown period, Migrating pelicans are flying over the city as environmentalists say birds seem to be venturing closer to urban areas, nature moving to the places where we have grabbed our feet on their spaces. The pollution rate has gone down, water bodies are clearer, mountain ranges can be seen in naked eyes for the first time, birds are more relaxed not trying to get away from cars, from the crowds of the people. It has been a stark reminder of our dysfunctional relationship with nature.

This is a high time where we should understand our faults against our mother earth and the level of exploitation we are doing as greedy monsters. We are destroying our own land of the living and we have to pay off for this. The pandemic situation has taught us that we can spend time with our family without going out, work on our hobbies, give importance to own time, exploring ownself without squeezing nature.

We should now promise ourselves and take steps forward to provide the nature of their spaces, exploit less to expand, plant more reserve the habitat, balance the ecosystem, get back our basics up Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, shop wisely and many more as per here are some amazing practices to love our nature. Or else Mother earth will always get back to us with a strong weapon to make us realize, be prepared for that or take your step today.

Quoted by Riya, In love for life.