“Bande Utkal Janani”, declared as the state anthem.

Today (7th June 2020) I am very happy to announce this news to all my readers that “Bande Utkala Janani (Salute to Mother Utkala)” a patriotic song written by Kantakabi Laxmikanta Mohapatra, got the tag & status of State Anthem. Odisha cabinet today declares such a decision which makes all Odia men and women so emotional and gives the power to be reunited. For those who want to know the meaning of Utkala is “the land having excellent opulence of artists and art”. Utkal is the region of today’s Odisha state.


I am managing to write this but I am overwhelmed inside and my emotions are speaking today. Yes, my native doesn’t belong to the state Odisha but I have been raised here. The soil of this state is serving me since I was a year old. The air I breathe, the water I drink, and the food I eat belong to this land.


My mother-tongue might be different but my heart always belongs to this state. It doesn’t matter wherever I travel or stay there is always a craving to go back to my place my motherland, and I will always stand for it. The beauty of the state is so incredible that one can never bind that to words. People here are so humble, religious, cultural, caring, and understanding which I never find the substitute of in any other place.


This state is all-in-one I can commit as it has the untouched natural beauty, rich in natural deposits, thousands of waterfalls, got the touch of the ocean, hundreds of holy rivers, consist Asia’s longest dam “The Hirakud Dam“, one of the holy places in (Char Dham Yatra) for Lord of Universe (Lord Jaganatha), stands a position in one of the classical dance(Odissi) form out of eight forms, sediments of the land to cultivate grains (major producers & exporter) and what not it consists of everything one can thing for living with peace.


My heart & soul will always be grateful for being raised in such a land full of human culture and ethics and I will always be a proud citizen. I will do everything whatever it takes to serve her in times of need and share the story of pride to each whoever will want to know about this not so famous state, but which matters a lot to us(citizen of Odisha).


I hope this article will relate to all those who are non-Odia but have been the residents of Odisha for a long time and their hearts belong to this land.


Quoted by Riya, In love for Life.