All You Need To Know About Weight Loss And Fat Loss.

Do we exactly know the difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss? Or we mean these two terms are the same?

Today we are going to disclose the facts to make you aware and understand these two different terms in a simpler way.

Weight Loss:

A person can lose weight in a short period of time, which basically is the loss of muscles, water, bone density and some amount of fat, doing excessive cardiovascular activities with improper nutrition will not benefit one to build strength.

The weight loss transformations can cause many issues like “apron belly”, “strength loss”, “Skin issues” and many more. It also hampers the immunity power and conducts early aging.

The muscle loss can lead to a slower metabolism rate, Weight loss training can make one thinner but never a healthy or a fitter person.

Fat Loss:

A fat loss training program takes a good amount of time to burn fat from the body. In this process generally, the person has to go through good resistance training and good nutrition which helps the person gain muscle and lose fat.

The gain in muscle mass increases metabolism and provide the person with a better opportunity to burn more stored fat.

Fat loss will bring the best shape of the body and will have better strength in performing functional activities. In fact, the same person with the same weight looks different after a fat loss transformation.

To prevent muscle loss, make sure the following basic guidelines to follow:

• Get in enough calories for your body size and activity level.
• Make sure those calories are nutrient-dense by having them come from fruits, vegetables, meats, legumes, tubers, dairy, and whole grains.
• Aim for calories in the 10-12 times your body weight range.
• Try to get in 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight, and divide that evenly among 5 meals.
• Eat enough carbohydrates to support your activity level. You can start at 150 grams and adjust from there.
• Fill the rest of your calories with fat – healthy fats and EFAs (essential fatty acids).
• Make sure you exercise and give your muscles a reason to maintain themselves. If you don’t exercise, your body is going to shed that unneeded muscle. Force your body to preserve it and even grow it by giving it consistent stimulation.

Follow the guidelines and you can reach your true goal of not just losing weight, but losing that unwanted fat, and keeping your beautiful muscle.

Quoted by Riya, In love for life.

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